The Obama administration is preparing a series of economic sanctions and covert cyber operations against the Russian Federation for interfering in the presidential election, The Washington Post reports.

Some of these actions of the U.S. government may be soon announced publicly. For the imposition of sanctions, Washington can use the order that allows the president to give a response to cyber attacks from other states. But it lacks a paragraph on cyber operations to influence the presidential elections. The White House is now working on an adaptation of the order to the circumstances. That is, the U.S. administration will have to assign new "critical infrastructure" status to the electoral computer system.

“You would (a) have to be able to say that the actual electoral infrastructure, such as state databases, was critical infrastructure, and (b) that what the Russians did actually harm it. Those are two high bars,” said the administration official.

As QHA reported earlier, the current US President Barack Obama ordered the U.S. intelligence agencies to study and prepare a report on the Russia’s interference in the last U.S. presidential election.

Photo: Internet