For presidential election on March 18, Putin will come to occupied Sevastopol, because he considers the annexation of the Crimea to be his greatest achievement, the Russian political emigrant Irina Belacheu noted in commentary to QHA.

“During the years of Putin's rule, he did nothing for Russia. Given the high oil prices, the country had huge money to build businesses, roads and so on. Instead, we see a flourishing corruption, poverty of the majority of Russians. And Putin considers the annexation of the Crimea to be his greatest achievement. Due to propaganda, this is important for Russian society as well," she said.

According to Belacheu, the results of the elections in the occupied Crimea, as well as in Russia, are predetermined.

“Elections is a democratic procedure, which now can not be observed in Russia. So on March 18 we will see a farce. And the international community should not recognize the so-called elections. The international community is the only force that can influence the existence of the Kremlin's system of power in Russia, the Kremlin is afraid of it. The Russian opposition does not have the ability to do anything realistically, the huge strength of the special services, the army, and so forth, is against it," Irina Belacheu stated.

QHA reported that the Head of Russia Putin postponed the election of the Russian president till March 18. This day is considered the day of annexation of the Crimea, when the Russian Federation signed the so-called agreement on the accession of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia