Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister of Ukraine, announced the replacement of staff in the Cabinet of Ministers in the next few weeks, Politico edition reports. 

“Yatsenyuk promised to update the Cabinet of Ministers after the defeat of pro-Western coalition to parties of oligarchs and those who are sympathetic to Russia, in local elections last week,” the edition reports. 

According to the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, he plans to rectify all mistakes made earlier with new people, who will come to the government. 

Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced that the ministers for energy, health and education are to be replaced within two weeks. He also said that he would like to offer his candidacy for the post of Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration. 

“It’s too early to say who they will be, because it can destroy the coalition,” he said. “We are negotiating with President, and the sooner we declare them, the better.”