According to a declassified shorthand report of the Security Council meeting taken on February 28, 2014, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that no country can help Ukraine stop Russia after the occupation of Crimea.

The Prime Minister told the meeting that Russia invaded Georgia due to the non-signing of NATO’s Membership Action Plan in Bucharest in 2008. Yatsenyuk likened the situation in Georgia with the then situation in Ukraine. According to him, if the situation had been different, ‘several US Navy destroyers would have been in the Black Sea’.

“It is impossible to be thinking about signing NATO’s Membership Action Plan or even joining NATO because it is absolutely unrealistic. They will never agree to that!” said Yatsenyuk.

He also spoke about Ukraine’s chances of receiving military aid from other countries in view of the latest developments.

“I would not want to talk about this in such a broad sense, but I do not think a single country, including signatories to the Bucharest memorandum, is prepared to help Ukraine now. They have not yet finished pulling their troops out of Afghanistan and Iran. And we are talking about a military conflict at the very heart of Europe… We will have to rely on ourselves alone,” said the Prime Minister.