Prime Minister plans to submit a proposal to appoint the Minister for ATO personnel during the first plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada.

- I would like to submit a following proposal for consideration by the government and parliamentary coalition. In accordance with the law of Ukraine on the Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers, the Prime Minister has the constitutional authority to appoint at the Parliament of Ukraine two ministers without creating relevant ministries ... After celebration of the Ukraine’s Defender’s Day, I along with the Internal Affairs Minister visited the National Guard, and a lot of questions has been broached on medical and psychological rehabilitation of ATO personnel, real protection of people who defended and keep defending Ukraine. Therefore I publicly appeal to the coalition, the Defense Minister, Internal Affairs Minister of Ukraine, non-governmental organizations and members of the Cabinet of Ministers with a request: provide me with information on possibly candidates to hold the office of Minister for ATO personnel who will coordinate the works on medical, psychological and social rehabilitation for, as of now, 131,000 ATO participants who have gained the appropriate status, said Yatsenyuk