Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk instructed three Ministries, i.e. Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Information Policy and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, to pay off the debt of the ATR TV Channel.

At the direction of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Crimean Tatar TV Channel will be earmarked UAH 5 million for settlement of the debt it owes to the Swedish company SES ASTRA AB (Astra A4 satellite).

- I ask the Ministry of Finance jointly with the Ministry of Information Policy to pay off the UAH 5 million debt in a quick time, said the Prime Minister. Ministry of Social Policy will control the state resources to be allocated to support the Crimean Tatars. Minister of Information Policy Yuriy Stets said that during the talks with the Swedish company SES ASTRA AB, which the Channel owes close to UAH 10 million, it was agreed that the work of the ATR TV Channel will not be stopped until the problem with debt settlement is tackled.

According to Stets, the Ukrainian authorities ought to find funds in the state budget that the world's only Crimean Tatar TV Channel, which adheres to an honest information policy, doesn’t stop airing, according to the MIP website.

Photo: Internet