Ukraine’s Prime Minister told a final press conference in the Cabinet of Ministers that Ukraine is no longer dependent on Russian gas, reported the QHA newsman.

- If earlier we were totally dependent on natural gas supplies from the Russian Federation, in 2014 we opened a reverse flow that allowed us to increase Ukraine’s power independence and reduce the price for natural gas supplies. This very flow helps us make it through a second winter, said the Head of the Cabinet.

Yatsenyuk reminded that as of now gas storage facilities in Ukraine have increased by 2 billion cubic meters compared to the same period last year.

The Prime Minister stressed that in 2015, Ukraine got a loan for the gas purchase on the western border, but not on the eastern.

- Thanks to the joint efforts with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development I can say the price for natural gas is below USD 200. Due to the fall in oil prices and our tough stance towards Russia, I hope that the price conjuncture will keep falling in price thus giving the Ukrainian economy a chance to obtain additional resources for economic growth, as well as reduce dependence on Russia, said Yatsenyuk.