A military coup in Turkey has become one of the most stunning events of this year. According to an official Ankara's stance, Fethullah Gülen, who has supporters and followers in Turkey, is one of the main organizers of Friday's massacre. In an interview with QHA, the Turkish Ambassador to Ukraine Yonet Can Tezel told about the fate of the conspirators who were arrested immediately following the coup attempt.

QHA: Many judges and the military were detained following the coup attempt. Can we say that the judges were in cahoots with the military rebels?

- The coup was an attempt of a secret organization. Currently, the suspects are under investigation and the law enforcement officers are still finding new evidence of their guilt. There is quite enough evidence of the conspirators’ guilt. Initially, they (the coup organizers - Ed) introduced their own people into all state bodies: the courts, educational institutions, the army ... Not all detainees have been arrested. I am sure the innocent will be released. The investigation still receives a lot of unchecked information on the rebels.

QHA: What is known about the military rebels? Have all of them been detained?

- The coup was plotted that is for sure. The group of conspirators who illegally used the state army’s weapons has been exposed. We all were watching the night’s events in real time ... The Turkish government is closely monitoring the investigation progress. The country has taken unprecedented precautions, introduced an emergency state that raised questions among the European partners. I would say that the emergency state has been introduced in full compliance with the Constitution and the international law. The European allies and the opposition forces will notice and point at the errors or deviations from the democratic norms if the latter are found.

QHA: Will America extradite Fethullah Gulen?

- This must be done, in my opinion. It cannot be put off any longer the evidence of his guilt is quite strong. Of course, the US will also hold a trial. I believe that America will show understanding since it is a Turkey’s friend and strategic partner. Can you imagine the US military attacking civilians and blocking government agencies? How would the US government react if they are demanded to extradite the conspirator?

Turkey's Ambassador to Ukraine went on saying the situation in Turkey is gradually getting better. Turkey's economy has not been severely damaged, the failed attempt to stage a coup has not frightened away the tourists. On July, 16 the Turkish Airlines resumed their work.

Photo; QHA