Currently, it is harder to comment on the actions and strange ideas of the occupying authorities, said Gayana Yuksel, a member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, during a press conference dedicated to the Day of the Crimean Tatars’ National Flag.

“Just today, we’ve found out that a national-cultural autonomy of the Kazan Tatars has been recently created in Crimea. What kind of autonomy will they create next? What public organization will take over the function of the autonomy? No one knows,” said Gayana Yuksel.

One of the recent delusions of the "Crimean authorities" is the introduction of new letters to the Crimean Tatar alphabet aimed to substitute the Crimean Tatar translation with Latin and Cyrillic ones. However, it is quite a complicated issue, said the Mejlis member.

Moreover, the invaders earlier announced the establishment of the memorial complex to victims of the 1944 Deportations in the village of Siren of Bakhchysarai district, which - according to Gayana Yuksel - demonstrates where the Crimean Tatars should stay and gather.

“This is a counterbalance the occupation authorities showed the people at the other pole, rather than conducting a traditional Crimean rally at the central square in Simferopol.

All these actions simply show the Crimean Tatars their place in Crimea, as well as an attitude towards their history.

“Unfortunately, these ideas are created, produced and implemented neither in accordance with the needs of the Crimean Tatar people nor their historical development and mentality, but as per current political situation,”  said Gayana Yuksel.