Today, the “Zaytseve” checkpoint stopped opearting since the Russian terrorists shelled the positions of the Ukrainian military not far from the “Mayorsk" control post, reported the State Border Service.

The decision to temporary suspend the operation of the checkpoint was taken in order to avoid civilian casualties, as well as losses among the State Border Service personnel.

At 5.50 a.m., the spokesman for the border guards Oleg Slobodyan informed on firing at the "Zaytseve" checkpoint. He also wrote on Facebook that the situation at the checkpoint on the administrative border with the temporarily occupied Crimea remains tense, but under control.

On August, 8 at midnight the occupants suspended passage operations at the "Kalanchak" checkpoint. As of the morning of August, 8 the passage has been resumed at the "Chongar" checkpoint, but it is carried out very slowly. As for "Chaplinka" checkpoint, the law enforcement officers of the occupying country let cross the border only those who head for the temporarily occupied peninsula. For the time being "Kalanchak" checkpoint is completely blocked as the Russian law enforcers do not let anyone cross the border.

Photo: Facebook