According to pro-russian Kryminform, the "Deputy Head of the Central Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Sevastopol" Andrey Kuznetsov stated that 30% of Sevastopol cars have not changed the Ukrainian license plate numbers into Russian.

- About 30 percent, which is about 30 million vehicles, haven't had Ukrainian state registration plates and registration documents replaced. In fact, only half of them may re-register as others are either exported to the territory of Ukraine, or not subject to re-registration due to the poor technical condition, - Kuznetsov said.

According to him, 10-15 thousand vehicles in practice "violate Russian law, driving with the Ukrainian plates."

- First time the driver is given a ticket for RUB 500, in the event of a repeat violation this sum is increased to RUB 5000. If a car owner regularly comes into view of the traffic police, the owner can be suspended a driver's license for six months, - threatened "the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs."

It should be reminded that in the occupied Crimea RF traffic police take special actions to identify Crimean vehicles with Ukrainian license plates. Police stop the cars, take out the drivers, warn the residents of Crimea, threaten with RUB 500 fines and the subsequent confiscation of the vehicle.

Photo: Internet