Russia illegally confiscated 4,575 thousands of public and private real estate in the Crimea since annexation, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) report on the human rights situation in Ukraine of the, as UNIAN informed.

Reportedly, confiscation or so-called "nationalization" of state and private Ukrainian property that began after the "referendum" in March 2014 continues.

“As of May 12, 2017, 4,575 public and private real estate objects were "nationalized".”

The OHCHR noted that the Russian occupation authorities have taken steps to compensate property owners in the Crimea, "nationalized" since March 2014, by adopting a special law in December 2016.

“However, compensation is limited and does not provide effective remedies to victims. This scheme is applicable only to private property and excludes persons accused of "extremism". The last restriction is of particular concern in connection with the arbitrary application of legislation to combat extremism by the Russian Federation authorities in the Crimea".

The report also reminded that, in accordance with international humanitarian law, private property, as well as property of municipalities and institutions working in the field of religion, charity, education, art and science, cannot be confiscated, and that the management of public real estate must be carried out in accordance with the usufruct rules.

“Destruction of property can be justified only in case of acute military necessity or the need to maintain public order”, the document says.

Earlier QHA reported that numerous human rights violations in the Crimea were recorded in the UN document.