Over the three years of the occupation of the Crimea, 44 cases of aggression against journalists have been recorded, which are still not investigated. A corresponding statement was made by the head of the Center for Human Rights Information Tatyana Pechonchik within the framework of the presentation of the Physical Security Index of Journalists of Ukraine, which took place in Kyiv on October 4, QHA correspondent reports.

She noted that in 2014 the number of attacks on journalists was 39, 3 more cases occurred in 2015, and 2 more in 2016.

“We see that the number has decreased in the years following the occupation. However, if the number of attacks decreases, this does not mean that the journalists work became easier. In the case of the Crimea, this indicates only that all the critically thinking journalists who objectively covered the events developing there were driven out of the Crimea or out of the profession," Pechonchik stated.

She went on saying that after the annexation of the peninsula, 10 editorial offices were forced to move to mainland Ukraine, and more than 20 Internet publications in the Crimea were blocked.

Reportedly, over the past nine months, the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NCJU) has recorded 75 cases of physical aggression against journalists.