The State Border Service of Ukraine recorded 652 foreign vessels calling the ports of the occupied Crimea, the Head of the Ukrainian Border Services Viktor Nazarenko reported, according to a QHA correspondent.

“We quickly respond to any information on the entry of foreign vessels in the ports of Ukraine, closed on the temporarily occupied territory. The data about 652 such vessels was recorded in the departmental database for surface situation tracking,” he said.

Viktor Nazarenko informed that prerequisites for the detention of ships-violators and their cargoes are created due to changes in legislation.

The Head of State Border Service of Ukraine provided a recent example of successful combating unauthorized calling into the waters of Ukraine when special marine forces detained the vessel Sky moon at the Dunai flying the flag of Tanzania and sailing from Sevastopol to one of Moldovan ports.

“As of today, the ship is arrested, the captain was brought suspicion, investigations are conducted,” Nazarenko said.

Border guards noted the overall decline in passenger traffic at the administrative border with the occupied peninsula.

“2 million 600 persons and 500 thousand vehicles crossed the checkpoints over the past year. Decrease has been visible in the general flow. For example, today 5,700 persons and one thousand vehicles crossed the administrative border, and if we compare these data with those days of last year, we note a decrease of 24% and 34%, respectively,” Nazarenko reported.

In early December, the press center of the State Border Service reported that the vessel Sky moon detained on November 30 by the border guards may be confiscated in favor of the state. The ship and the crew documents contained the facts confirming the vessel called at ports in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and transported the cargo.

Photo: Internet