More than a hundred people gathered at the Independence Square in Kyiv to support Oleg Sentsov and other political prisoners today, June 2. The participants of the rally want to draw the attention of the international community to human rights violations committed by Russia before the summit of the G-7 countries.

“Similar actions will be held in more than 70 cities around the world, in the countries of Europe, America and, of course, Ukraine. The purpose of these actions is to attract international attention to the issue of Ukrainian political prisoners. We put forward certain demands, both to Russia, for example, to release Oleg Sentsov and all Ukrainian political prisoners, and to the international community: to raise the issue of the release of political prisoners at the upcoming summit of the G-7 countries, which will be held next week,” said Ekaterina Butko, the coordinator of the action.

Oleg Sentsov's sister noted that her brother receives supportive therapy. She also told that Ksenia Sobchak was in touch with Oleg.

“Usually on the 20th day of hunger strike people are no longer able to stand by themselves. The last person who contacted with Oleg was Ksenia Sobchak, she said that he was very thin and pale, losing his teeth and hair. I think, we will have more detailed information tomorrow, when the lawyer will visit Oleg,” Natalia Kaplan said.

During the action a full list of the Kremlin prisoners was announced, which includes more than 70 names of the illegally detained and sentenced in the territory of the Russian Federation and in the occupied Crimea.

“I know that a person suffers, and this pain is impossible not to share. Russia is just waiting for everyone to put this on brakes and the person there to be lost. And Oleg Sentsov is not alone there. We are standing here not only for him, but for everyone, against the brutality of the 21st century," Irina, participant of the action, told QHA correspondent.

Reference: Oleg Sentsov has been on hunger strike for the 20 days.

Sentsov's lawyer Dmitry Dinze met with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities during his visit to Kyiv.

Earlier in Kyiv, a large-scale action was held in support of the Kremlin's political prisoner. Cinematographers, social activists and indifferent citizens came to the Presidential Administration of Ukraine to urge the president, ministers, MPs and officials "not to sit still," but to take immediate and transparent actions to release political prisoners.