January 31, the Kremlin appointed Head of the occupied Crimea Sergei Aksenov during a meeting with the Chairman of the so-called State Committee on prices and tariffs of the Crimean Republic Nina Zotich affirmed the need to raise utility tariffs.

“Despite the fact that at the moment the Crimean tariffs are lower than the average all-Russian ones, there is a clear understanding of the need to raise the tariffs to economically justified level. However, this should be done gradually and simultaneously with the growth of incomes of the population, to avoid any excesses,” reads the message on Aksenov Facebook page.

Aksenov went on saying that special measures should be carried out to inform the citizens about the escalation of tariffs, as people "often do not understand why this or that organization indicates a certain cost." He also suggested initiating methodical training for employees of enterprises to increase literacy and improve the accuracy of calculations.

In November 2016, the Russian government refused to raise utility tariffs in Crimea, shifting the load on the 83 regions, territories and republics of the Russian Federation.

Photo: Internet