"Head" of the annexed Crimea Sergey Aksyonov asked FSB director Aleksandr Bortnikov to return him two million rubles, which he had allocated from his personal funds allegedly to assist law enforcement agencies in exposing bribery among the Crimean officials.

According to Aksyonov, this money now serves as material evidence in criminal cases (which, in particular, was not specified).

“I came to ask him for the funds, that I had allocated for work with the bribe takers, to be returned as soon as possible. I'm limited in resources.”

QHA reported that Aksyonov called the visit of the Crimean delegation to Syria "a breakthrough in international relations." This delegation agreed to supply electrical equipment and flour to Syria, and get citrus fruits, vegetables and phosphates from Syria.

Previously, Aksyonov proposed to revive collective farms on the peninsula. He said that he regretted their elimination, offered to buy shares from private parties and return them to state ownership.