Residential houses in Nizhny Solnechny neighbourhood of Kerch in the Cement Sloboda for persons displaced from the Kerch Bridge area, where already dozens of families live, were listed among the illegal constructions, "Crimean News" reported.

Earlier, the "government" of Crimea imposed a ban on capital construction in particular cities and regions of the peninsula.

Among the companies engaged in illegal construction (from the point of view of the Crimean "authorities"), the company which built 2 houses in Nizhny Solnechny, as well as unfinished residential facilities for displaced persons, was listed.

Notably, the self-proclaimed Crimean "Prime Minister" personally oversaw this construction priject. The houses were put into operation on March 30, and at the end of April, after rains, the base of one of the houses sank, which resulted in a huge crack, and in some places pedestrian paths began to fall.

Earlier, QHA reported that on April 25, the self-proclaimed Crimean "Prime Minister" Sergei Aksyonov forbade starting and continuing the construction of any buildings and other capital construction projects on the territory of a number of cities and regions of the occupied Crimea, if it is not financed from the budget of the Crimean "government" or the invader-country, the Russian Federation.

PHOTO: Internet