The "Supreme Court" of the occupied Crimea ordered Sergey Aksyonov to ensure the presence of his official Zaur Smirnov who again did not attend the court session as a witness in the Akhtem Chiyhoz case, the lawyer Nikolai Polozov reported in his video message published by Zair Smedlyaev.

In case procuratory Zaur Smirnov fails to comply with the order, he will be reconducted to the session.

“The Chairman of the Crimean State Committee Zaur Smirnov was to be questioned as a witness according to the plan. However, he did not appear again in the courtroom, sending an e-mail statement that he was on a business trip. In respect thereof, the defense petitioned the court for Smirnov’s compulsory process. The court made a decision to appeal his immediate manager, the Head of the Crimea Sergey Aksyonov, with a demand to ensure Smirnov’s presence on June 27. In case Smirnov does not appear that day, the court will provide compulsory process for this witness”, Polozov reported.

In the current situation, the lawyers changed the procedure for providing evidence and interrogated the next defense witness Rustem Khadzhametov.

Earlier, one of the main prosecution witnesses in the Chiyhoz case Enver Arpatly during interrogation confirmed that organization of mass events on February 26, 2014 outside the Verkhovna Rada of the ARC had been assigned to Zaur Smirnov, but not Akhtem Chiyhoz.

The witness testimony fundamentally refutes the charges in the enough trumped-up case against Akhtem Chiyhoz.

PHOTO: Internet