Crimean public organizations intend to hold an all-Crimean protest rally in Simferopol and Yalta. The protesters plan to speak about the complex social situation in the peninsula according to "RosBalt".

The activist Ilya Bolshedvorov says that the organizers initially made an application to hold the event in the Shevchenko park on August 20, however, the city administration agreed upon a rally in Kiev Street.

Bolshedvorov says that public figures are going to speak about the difficult social situation of the entities’ workers. The participants will come to the rally from other cities of Crimea, including Simferopol.

“We have a fairly complex situation with a number of municipal enterprises like "Krymtrolleybus"[public transport - Ed.], "Krymmoloko"[dairy products - Ed.], "Krymhleb" [bakery - Ed.]. The wages of the medical, educational, social workers do not meet with the government-established norms,” said the activist.

The demonstrators plan to address a petition to the Federal government. They say that all issues are managed badly at the national level, because "the people in the National government either do not have sufficient skills or deliberately do not fulfill their duty to consider citizens’ applications."

Photo: Internet