The only food products produced in Crimea are bread and wine. The Head of the "antimonopoly service" Denis Laktionov made a corresponding statement at the meeting of the "government" of the occupied Sevastopol, the propaganda website "Primechania"(Notes) reported.

The official went on saying that Crimea purchased all other food products in Russia, and high prices were justified by expensive logistics. Laktionov hopes that after the opening of the Kerch bridge the situation will improve.

Reportedly, the construction of the Kerch bridge is connected with the long-standing business partner of Vladimir Putin. Moreover, during the construction, the estimate has increased more than 10 times. Time after time, allegations arose on the lack of funds to further finance the "construction of the century".


Earlier QHA reported that over the three years of the annexation of Crimea prices for food products on the peninsula have doubled.

PHOTO: Internet