Improving the shortcomings in reconstruction of paving slabs on the streets in the center of the occupied Simferopol has not been a great success, according to the Crimean activist Ilya Izotov.

He claims that this was due to the fact that the workers docked the slabs in the frozen ground, and fixed it in the same way.

“In Simferopol on the Pushkin and Karl Marks Streets, the bunglers of the "Crimea-development" continue to work on the shortcomings. Interestingly, the slabs in the allegedly improved areas again went "dancing". The reason for that is that the slabs were docked in frozen ground and fixed in the same way.”

Earlier, the so-called Crimean authorities completed "reconstruction" of the streets in the center of the occupied Simferopol which sparked outrage among local residents. In particular, the street coating was not leveled, with obvious gaps between them. Light fixtures loosely covered the tiles, so that they can be easily pulled out of the coating, in addition, in some places, they are raised above the tiles level, which can result in injury of pedestrians. Sewer grates on the streets were already rusty when installed and also were not leveled with the tiles or loosely fitted.

Photo: Internet