In the village of Tuzly-Sheikh-Eli (Prisivashnoye) of the Ichkin (Soviet) district, the Russian security forces searched the house of a local resident, Crimean Tatar Tokhtar Akimov, Advet reports.

“At 8 am, a bus with security officials drove up to his (Tohtar Akimov’s - Ed.) house. There were about fifteen of them. They entered the house, Tokhtar and his son were immediately put on the floor, they did not put on handcuffs. A search was conducted with a service dog. Tokhtar’s old mother got sick," the coordinator of the Crimean Contact Group for Human Rights Abdureshit Jepparov informed.

Tokhtar Akimov himself later told after the search, that  he was brought to Aqmescit (Simferopol) to the Ministry of Internal Affairs headquarter, where the investigator interrogated him.

“The interrogation was in a normal form, the investigator did not put any pressure on me. Fingerprints are also not required. I can not disclose the details of the case, since I gave a subscription on non-disclosure. At two o'clock in the afternoon they let me go,” the Crimean Tatar said.

Earlier, on June 15 in the villages of Fernheim (Urozhainoye) and Tuzly-Sheikh-Eli, Russian border guards along with the police arranged a random check of passports among the local residents.
PHOTO: Internet