On December 20, a rally was held on the Lubyanka Square in Moscow against the Day of the Worker of the State Security of the Russian Federation (RF), formerly known as the Chekist Day. Photographs from the rally were published by the Facebook user Olgizza Vishnevetska on her page.

The protesters went out to the Lubyanka which is associated with the Soviet structures of KGB,NKVD, and Russian FSB, with placards: "Hell is waiting for you, Messieurs Chekists", "You were born to make us all the dust of the FSB" and others. Activists also brought the Crimean Tatar flag.

Earlier, on December 4, several people went to a rally in Moscow in support of the political prisoner of the Kremlin, a Crimean human rights activist, a figurant of the fabricated "Yalta case of Hizb ut-Tahrir" Emir-Usein Kuku. The participants came out with posters saying: "Emir-Usein Kuku is a human rights activist, not a terrorist", "Freedom to Emir-Usein Kuku".

Reference: February 11, 2016 in the Crimea a wave of searches began in the homes of Crimean Muslims in order to present them as "terrorists". Eight of the twelve detainees were released. Emir-Usein Kuku, Vadim Siruk, Enver Bekirov and Muslim Aliyev remain in custody. All of them were detained on suspicion of participating in the organization Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is considered a terrorist one in Russia.

The so-called case of Hizb ut-Tahrir has become a “hallmark” of the Russian Federal Security Service struggle against dissident Muslims in the Crimea. Under the pretext of suspicions in terrorism, calling their repressive actions a fight against extremism, Russian security forces break into homes, carry out massive illegal searches and detentions.