A postage stamp issued in the Netherlands for the World Cup in Russia, depicts the crime of the Russian Federation, associated with the crash of the MH-17 flight, Facebook user Natalia Panchenko reported on her social network page.

On the mail web site of the Netherlands, this stamp is not available, however, it is possible to order "individual stamps". You can order one block of 10 stamps with the selected image.

Panchenko noted that the manufacturer of the stamp was ordered by her Dutch friend.

The stamp depicts a football player who downs the Malaysian Boeing. The author of the picture is the Ukrainian artist Andriy Yermolenko, who created about fifteen posters for the World Cup 2018 with the crimes of Russia.

QHA reported that the Ukrainian political prisoner of the Kremlin Mykola Karpyuk on his birthday - May 21 urged fans not to go to the World Cup in Russia.

Earlier, users of social networks began flash-mobs to boycott the World Cup in Russia.