The ban of the Russian invaders’ government to approach the sights of Gurzuf, due to the fact that these territories are transferred to the property of the camp "Artek", can disrupt the holiday season in this region, according to the reported of the  "BlackSea News" publication.
In particular, local residents mentioned that from now on private boats are forbidden to swim between the rocky Adalar Islands, which is unprecedented for the Crimea situation.
“Excursion boats will not be able to swim between Adalars, as it always was, under the Soviet Union and Ukraine. This is an absolutely unprecedented ban. In the USSR, although the Adalars were considered a border zone, which was clearly defined and specifically guarded, we were able to swim to them. Now it is impossible,” an official said.
Activists mentioned that the Crimean "courts" in their decisions always support the invaders’ "Artek", which allows the camp to "bite off" a piece at a time from landmarks near Gurzuf.
Earlier QHA reported that according to the decision of the occupation administration of the camp "Artek", several significant historical sites were demolished due to the expansion of the camp territory.
First this fate befell an old dacha, built on the project of Academician Beketov in 1903. The administration of the camp did not take seriously the statements of local historians that this building is a monument of history and architecture. They claim that the building has no historical value, for it is not included in the official list of the cultural heritage of the Crimea. Historians argue that this is a mistake, because before the occupation of the peninsula the Beketov villa was included in the official list of the sights of the Crimea.
PHOTO: Internet