More than 15 employees of the Crimean Tatar Music and Drama Theater wrote the letters of resignation after the order to dismiss Bilyal Bilyalov, the director and artistic director of the theater.

Those who resigned do not agree with the fact that the new director of the theater appointed of the former supply and maintenance manager as Mezhid Melgazyev as director, and actor Eldar Dzhelylova as the artistic director.

Among those who fired were the main stage director of the theater Rinat Bektash, as well as the most vivid actors and soloists, many of whom have been working in the theater for 30 years. Among those who left the theater, such big names as Dilyaret Setarov, Luisa Useinova, Seitabla Memetov, Emine Dzevedetova.

On August 29, the so-called "Minister of Culture" of the Crimea introduced the new leaders to the theatre team.

Fatma Osmanova, the actress of the theater, explained the position of those who resigned. According to her, new leaders are not experienced and not professional people who know theatrical art.

“I decided that I would no longer be able to work in this theater. Because the vision of the new leaders does not coincide with our views. I do not consider them to be professionals, experienced or knowledgeable in theatrical art. The actor must respect the director, the stage director. Their knowledge must be more extensive than ours. People who come to the position do not correspond our criteria. So we have to leave.”

The actors hope to return to the theater soon, if Bilyal Bilyalov was reinstated by the court in the position of director and art director.

QHA reported that on August 7 in the annexed Crimea, Bilyal Bilyalov, Director of the Crimean Tatar Academic Music and Drama Theater, was dismissed.

Soon the occupiers appointed the director of the Crimean Tatar Drama Theater of the former supply and maintenance manager - Medzhide Melgazyeva.

The appointment of Melgazyeva caused an outrage among the Drama Theater staff, because the woman has nothing to do with art.
 It is noteworthy that the son of Melgazyeva - Dilyar Mergaziev - works in the occupation administration of Kerch and holds the position of "deputy head" of the city.