On August, 25 ATO personnel transferred the relics from the fight scene to the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War.

The meeting was attended by documentary photographer Maxim Dondyuk and surgent’s assistant Michael Hulak, who participated in battle action under the town of Ilovaisk.

Visitors of the event, held on the basis of the exhibition ‘Preserving family memories of the war’, were able to see photos of Nadezhda Savchenko, Evgeniy Zelenskiy, Sergey Kulchytskiy, Ruslan Luzhevskiy and other Ukrainian heroes.

Maxim Dondyuk, Grand Prix winner of Circle of Life, The best photographer, Ville de Perpignan, as well as the award for a series of works on the Maidan topic, showcased a photo exhibition of soldiers, wounded military, combat actions taken during the battle for Ilovaysk. "We, the journalists, are not the heroes. Our goal is to show everything as it was, since sometimes I think our government protects us from the truth. Here we see the real heroes. We call this the ATO, but this is a war, and we are at the war with the Russian world imposing on us its truth to break us," said the journalist.

Michael Hulak, surgent’s assistant of the Peacemaker battalion, donated to the museum the relics brought from the war zone in the east of Ukraine. In particular, the perforated military uniform of surgent Nicholay Lenko, a first aid kit of a police officer, surgical tools from the depot in Ilovaisk, body armor, the Red Cross flag, ammunition fragments, medical kits of 60s the doctors in the hostilities have to work with.

In addition, the meeting broached the subject concerning the combatant’s status granting for the ATO personnel. "For a year I and Nicholas Lenko have been trying to be granted with combatant’s status. We’ve been fighting for a year and still we cannot receive any documents. We do not want any state’s compensation; let it be paid to those who came back without arms and legs. The most important thing is justice, which thousands of wounded soldiers now cannot obtain," said Michael Hulak.