The construction of a new gas pipeline began, through which gas will be supplied from the territory under Ukraine's control to the front-line settlement of Avdiivka.

The corresponding statement was made by the Head of the Donetsk military-civil administration Pavel Zhebrivsky:

“We are beginning the construction of a new gas pipeline through which Avdiivka will receive gas from the Ukraine-controlled territory. The city is already the sixth day without gas - since the militants once again damaged the old gas pipeline. In Avdiivka an emergency situation of a technogenic nature of the regional level was declared. Starting today, we start work: Get rid of the dependence and vagaries of Russian-terrorist gangs."

Zhebrivsky noted that the cost of construction will be 59 million UAH.

"We are arranging partial financing by Metinvest [Group of steel and mining companies – Ed.], since gas will flow through the gas pipeline from the Ukraine-controlled territory to the Avdiivka coke plant," he added.

Earlier QHA reported that Russian-terrorist forces continue to violate the Minsk accords. In particular, in the evening of May 30 militants once again fired residential areas of the city of Avdiivka from mortars.

PHOTO: Internet