Azerbaijani filmmaker Asif Rustamov refused to participate in Zolotoy Vityaz film festival to be held in the annexed Crimea, reports.

In February 2016, Rustamov received a proposal to present his Down the River film for participation in the competition. At that time, the organizers stated the festival would be held on the territory of the Russian Federation, but later they moved the venue to Crimea, without informing the film director.

After Rustamov learned that his film would be shown in the occupied peninsula, he sent a letter to the organizers with the requirement to remove his film from the competition program.

“I don’t support the annexation of Crimea and I don’t recognize it as being part of Russia. This is my position!” he said.

In his letter, the film director noted that he condemns the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula and refuses to participate in the festival, "which becomes a political act."

It should be noted that Azerbaijan condemned the annexation of the Crimea and Russian aggression in Ukraine at the UN session on March 27, 2014.

Photo: Internet