On the Day of the Crimean Tatar Flag the city of Simferopol held a big Iftar meal, which brought together the Mejlis members, veterans of the national movement, Crimean Tatar activists, scientists, artists and active youth.

The event was held in the patriotic and friendly atmosphere, reported Avdet.

Prior to the Iftar a concert was staged by the next artists: Rustem Memetov, Zore Kadyeva, Seytabla Memetov, Asie Saale, Emine Mustafayeva, Reana Tarkova, Elina Sosnovskaya, Seyran 7"62 and EmDzhiEl, Asan Khairetdinov, Maye Anafieva and ensemble "Yyldyzlar". The prayers were recited by a famous Crimean Tatar poet Riza Fazil.

PHOTO: Avdet