On the night of July 2 in the village of Dolinnoe near Bakhchysarai, Aliye Chiygoz, a strong woman, loving mother, passed away in the Crimea. A few months ago, doctors diagnosed her with a serious illness in a stage that could not be cured. Twelve days before her death, she was able to see her son Akhtem Chiygoz, who has been kept in a Simferopol jail for 2.5 years, for the last time. He himself needed help to recover from the meeting with his dying mother.
According to Elmira Ablyalimova, Akhtem's arrival to the house was a surprise, because many times the defense was denied visits to relatives. His handcuffs were not even removed, and he was given only ten minutes to talk. Ahtem hugged his mother and asked for her forgiveness. Aliye Chiygoz with the last forces asked indignantly: "For what?".
Dozens of political prisoners illegally detained in prisons, pre-trial detention facilities, and isolators still can not answer this question. This question can not be answered by hundreds of Crimean Tatars, who forcibly left the Crimea.
Sinaver Kadyrov was also unable to fulfill his duty as a son - to bury his father. Crimean Tatar human rights activist and participant of  the National Movement is not allowed to enter his homeland since 2015.
Mustafa Dzhemilev could not pay his last respects to his sister since in 2014 the Russian authorities illegally banned the leader of the Crimean Tatars from entering Crimea for 5 years. Shevkiye Asanova died at the age of 81 in 2015.
Being in the dungeons of Simferopol remand centre, Akhtem Chiyhoz could not say goodbye to his mother. The last words of Aliye Chiygoz were prayers for the Motherland and her people, for their well-being and happiness.
The generation of people, for whom deportation has become not just a word is gradually passing away. The generation, for whom Crimea is not just the Motherland and the home. Every day in the occupation, while awaiting liberation, people die for whom Crimea is the meaning of life, holy struggle, pride, their air. This Crimea is not spoken with an adjective - Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian, Russian, "ours". This Crimea is mine, it is the soul.
Dzhevair Veliyeva
PHOTO: Internet