The city 'authorities' and hundreds of people took part in the unveiling of a bust to Joseph Stalin.
The solemn ceremony was also attended by Russian delegation, reports. This information was confirmed by 'Lugansk Information Center', which shared even photos from the event.

'Golden' Stalin 'decorated' the courtyard, where the office of local Communists located. Sources in Lugansk informed that the bust to the dictator was erected in Kamennobrodskiy district of Lugansk, in the courtyard of a building where representatives  of 'the Communist League of Lugansk region' are 'working.'

Just a reminder: In February 2015, a monument to Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin by Zurab Tsereteli was unveiled in Yalta in honor of the anniversary of the famous Yalta Conference of 1945. The Mejlis representatives called this event as 'absolute blasphemy.'