The road, proposed by the Sevastopol "authorities" as an alternative to the track collapsed as a result of a landslide, is crumbling as well of excessive load, BlackSeaNews reported with reference to the information from local residents.

Sevastopol residents noted that the breakdown began even prior to the peak loads that are expected after the arrival of tourists in Crimea.

“While Ovsyannikov is deliberating on how to fix the collapse, the bypass road, which required more than 30 million rubles to repair, starts to collapse as well, even though the loads are still not peak ... This road is called into question, the top layer already has traces of corrosion, and the curbs are just in the emergency state,” the edition quotes the words of the Crimean resident Aleksander Talipov.

Earlier, QHA reported that the traffic on the section of the route Simferopol - Bakhchysarai - Sevastopol in the occupied Crimea was restricted in the evening of March 9 in connection with urgent repairs due to the landslide that occurred earlier.

On April 10, the Investigative Committee of Russia launched proceedings in the case of negligence of Sevastopol road agency Sevavtodor over the collapse on the Sevastopol-Simferopol highway in the Mekenzievy mountains in the occupied Crimea.

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