October 19, at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ukrainian Prime Minister noted that drug prices are too high in Ukraine:

“In the Ukrainian pharmacies, some drugs are now 30-700 per cent more expensive than in neighboring European countries,” he stated.

Groysman stressed that it is necessary to settle pricing to open quality medicines market in Ukraine.  To this effect, the Cabinet of Ministers will use the experience of neighboring countries where drug prices are significantly lower, according to "Economic News".

“The fact that some drugs cost Ukrainians 700 percent more expensive than in other European countries is a challenge for Ukraine, but the Cabinet is required to take a decision, followed by a decrease in the cost of drugs,” Groysman promised at today's Cabinet meeting.

According to him, Ukraine is now able to provide about 90 percent of the procurement of drugs, and problem with the purchase of the most important vaccines has already been resolved.

Photo: Internet