Bitter Harvest, a full-length feature film, by Canadian director Ian Ignatovich is based on events that took place in 1932 and later recognized as genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Parents of Ignatovich were able to immigrate to Canada from Ukraine during the Second World War. The director wanted to show the suffering of the Ukrainian people from the repression of Russian Bolshevism, which is still penetrating into the live of Ukrainians.

“Like many people in Ukraine, my parents have experienced incredible suffering. Today, everyone in Ukraine knows about repression, executions, deportations and famine. Given the importance of what had happened, and the fact that only few people know about those events outside Ukraine, the history of the genocide must be shown. It is extremely important today,” said the director.


The movie shows a love story during the toughest events on the territory of Ukraine. Starring actors are Terence Stamp (Star Wars and Superman) and young actor Max Irons from the UK.

The shooting took place on the territory of Ukraine in the days of Viktor Yanukovych presidency and ended two days after his escape from Ukraine. Because of this, the authors did not divulge the idea of the film.