November 2 "Kyiv district court of the city of Simferopol" closed the criminal case against the activist of public association Crimean Solidarity Marlen Mustafayev, the lawyer of Crimean Tatar Eden Semedlyaev reported on air of the Hayat Radio.

He noted that the criminal case was conducted under the so-called "extremist" article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

“We appealed to the investigator to stop the criminal proceedings against Mustafayev. And then the investigator of the Investigative Committee made a petition for the termination of the criminal case with the imposition of a fine. In general, that was enough for us and the judge of the "Kyiv District Court" of Simferopol made a decision to impose a fine of 50 thousand rubles. Mustafayev paid this amount from the funds that were collected during the Crimean Marathon.”

The closure of this criminal case against Mustafayev was preceded by three years of persecution, two searches, two administrative cases.

According to the lawyer, a number of factors influenced such a decision of the court, including decriminalization of Article 282 of the Criminal Code in Russia, but the key factor was the firmness of Mustafayev himself.

“After such pressure, searches, administrative arrests, anyone would give up a long time ago and leave, but Marlen, of course, is not of that kind. He said: "Whatever happens, I will be with my people, in the Crimea and defend its rights."

September 16, Marlen Mustafayev was released from a temporary detention facility in Simferopol, where he was serving an administrative arrest.

September 4, 2018, Marlen Mustafayev's house was searched, and soon he was arrested for 12 days allegedly for an administrative offense under Art. 20.3 of the Code of Administrative Violations.

According to the investigation, in August 2014 Mustafayev made a publication on his Facebook page with the symbols of the organization Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is considered illegal in the Russian Federation.

Marlen Mustafayev was already arrested for 11 days last year. On March 4, 2017, he was released. Then the Crimean Tatar was prosecuted for reposts in social networks, made before the occupation of the Crimea.