The record is unique due to the girl’s age, she is only three and a half years old. The achievement was recorded by the expert of the National Register of Records of Ukraine.

Parents, Lyubov and Sergei Poplavsky have developed the skills of their daughter since early age, taking the child to all kinds of hobby groups and clubs. Zlata is very curious and, despite her age, teaches her parents geography and reads her favorite books about horses every day.

“She knew the names of countries when she was two years old, and all the time she asks to show her something new. She is interested in everything,” mother Lyubov Poplavskaya says.

This is not the girl's first achievement - last year apart from knowing the names of 237 countries, she identified their flags as well. Parents are very proud of their daughter. In the near future Zlata plans to set another record, but so far her family has not reported any details.

“This is the smallest connoisseur of the world's geographical objects in Ukraine. I'm sure we will receive applications from her parents annually. Today Zlata received not only a diploma, but also an all-Ukrainian recognition,” the expert Vitaly Zorin concluded.

In 2 hours the girl named 414 objects without a single mistake. A similar record was set by a boy in the United States. In a year and a half, he showed nearly 240 countries on the world map. Parents explain this phenomenon by the lack of computer games in the life of the child.