Within the cultural and educational project organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in Turkey and the "Ukrainian Family" organization, the Ukrainian children of ATO (antiterrorist operation) soldiers get acquainted with Turkish culture in the tourist city of Antalya.

The project is called "Creative Workshop" and it gathered 12 children from 10 to 16 years old.

Various master classes, excursions and art events are held for children from June 10 to June 21. All these events are not only for children to rest, but also for their acquaintance with Turkey. "Creative Workshop" is a project and a sort of psychological support. 

“We make every effort to thank those children whose parents gave their lives in defence of our Motherland. Therefore, we are also grateful to all our sponsors who helped us in the project”, the Chairman of the "Ukrainian Family" organization Vita Mikhailova said 

The money for the children maintenance in Turkey was obtained t thanks to the civil initiative of the embassy staff, concerned citizens and sponsors.

Another program also exists to support family members of Ukrainian soldiers injured in the ATO (antiterrorist operation) zone for several years. Within this program more than 300 families have already visited Turkey. The program was organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Turkish Republic and the Embassy of Turkey in Ukraine.

PHOTO: Embassy of Ukraine in Turkey