December 21, the Crimean House in Kyiv hosted a presentation of a book "Crimean reportage. Chronicles of the occupation of Crimea in 2014 - 2016" written by the Ukrainian journalist Mykola Semena who was unlawfully convicted in the Russian-occupied Crimea.

The book has already been called an encyclopedia of the Russian occupation of the peninsula, since more than 300 articles written by Mykola Semena in the first two years of annexation contain information about all branches of life in the Crimea. The author, as a direct witness of what is happening, analyzes events in the political, economic, resort and information spheres, as well as in education and interethnic relations on the annexed peninsula.

According to the compiler of the publication, the coordinator of the project "Crimea. Realities" Vladimir Pritula, the book with a volume of a thousand pages was published due to state funding.

“Mykola Semena is not just a bright and strong journalist, he is also very hardworking, he writes a lot. A lot of interesting and important texts came out of his pen. In fact, he described in detail the first two years of occupation and annexation of the Crimea. This was not Semena’s initiative. He did not even know about the publication of this book, and it came as a surprise for him to some extent. I know that he liked it," Pritula told QHA correspondent.

The Crimean journalist himself had nothing to do with the publication. All articles were written by him before the verdict, according to which he was forbidden to engage in public activities during the next two years.

“The book came out before the sentence came into force. Formally, it should not have an impact on his fate. Although we understand that everything is possible in Russia. As far as I know, the publisher consulted with lawyers on this issue," Pritula added.

Introduction to the book of articles by Mykola Semena was written by the leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev, who notes that Semena is not just a wonderful journalist, but also his close friend.

"Even before the occupation, there were not so many good, intelligent journalists in the Crimea. They all left, and he stayed there. Actually, he is very soft, kind, certainly clever and very decent, but as you read his articles written after the occupation, it is clear that he is a warrior, a true patriot," Dzhemilev said in a commentary to QHA.

Reportedly, translation of the book into English is planned with the support of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.