In annexed Yalta, Russian Cossacks conduct evening and night raids with whips in their hands patrolling the streets of the city, according to the information the "Crimean District Cossack Society" reported on Facebook.

Cossacks go round the territory near schools and kindergartens. Thy call their purpose еру "prevention offenses connected with drug trafficking, extremist activity, etc.".

The raids are carried out by the Cossacks of Stanitsa Donskaya Cossack Community.

It is worth noting that Cossacks from Crimea took part in dispersal of the Russian protest action against Putin "He is not our Tzar!" in May of this year. The people who came in the Cossack uniform said they were soldiers of the Crimean Cossack Regiment named after General Baklanov.

They attacked the protesters, after which the police officers harshly detained the people.