The Crimean Institute for Strategic Studies jointly with QHA news agency and Crimean Tatar cultural and sports center Kuresh have started implementing the cultural project "Crimea and the South of Ukraine - Space of cultures".

The project was presented on October 23 in Kyiv, the QHA correspondent reports.

The project is aimed at forming a correct understanding of the history of the South of Ukraine as a space where states were created and civilizations developed.

The purpose of the project is to dispel the myth of "Novorossia" - an artificially imposed concept, which is used for the expansion of the "Russian world" and the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine.

“In 1944 the Crimean Tatars were massively deported by the decision of Stalin. To justify its actions, the communist government of the USSR was determined to rewrite the history of the Crimea, the South of Ukraine. In 1952 on the initiative of the Crimean Regional Committee of the Communist Party, a conference was held in Simferopol, where scientists unanimously supported a new concept of reviewing the history of Crimea and the South of Ukraine. It provided that all Crimean Tatars and other Turkic people were invaders, who came on these lands with war. This vision was laid in historical science. Today we understand the necessity to form the correct understanding of our common history among the population, including the history of this land," the Head of the Crimean Institute for Strategic Studies, project manager Arsen Zhumadilov said.

The project will tell about three epochs of the history of the Ukrainian steppe: The Khazar, the Golden Horde and the Crimean Tatar.

“Our task, from the ethnological, sociological, and political points of view, is to show the whole complex, beautiful and ambiguous canvas of the South of Ukraine. Its story is filled with a huge amount of tribulations and crises,” the scientific consultant of the project Vladimir Kushnirenko said.

Within the framework of the project, 12 video clips and 10 radio programs will be created on the history of the South of Ukraine. The results will be presented at the end of November.
QHA reported that half of Ukrainians support the idea of establishing Crimean Tatar autonomy after the liberation of the peninsula from Russian occupation.