(QHA) -

Crimea will be out of fuel in a few days and oil traders say they cannot prevent the fuel collapse, TSN reports.

Now petrol stations sell leftovers, brought from mainland Ukraine.

"Today we have from 6 to 10 days stock on different types of fuel. Still, we have the ability to prevent deficiency by using oil products, previously brought to Crimea," representative of the peninsula government Vadym Zhdanov has said.

Petrol is not imported by rail. If fuel is delivered to the peninsula by automobiles, its price will grow even more. Now, a liter of gasoline 95 costs almost UAH 14. Fuel supply from Russia has not been established yet.

"We have objective reasons for this: there are no forms of payment with the Russian Federation, there are no ruble accounts. We have not worked out the logistics of supply... that is new to us, not only for operators, but also our Russian partners," director of the fuel energy company Lenur Settarov said.

Earlier, Crimean premier Rustam Temirgaliev announced that prices for petrol in Crimea expected to come down to Russian level in May, adding that channels on delivery and keeping of gasoline and diesel fuel with Russian biggest companies already established.