A student of the 11th class at the school No. 45 in the occupied Sevastopol came under public pressure due to the fact that she was using a diary in Ukrainian language, user Roman Gerasimenko posted on his Facebook page.

It is reported that the school administration initially advised the girl to change the school diary, and when she refused to do it, saying that she had already been using the diary for two months, the Deputy Director started a scandal, stating at the presence of other students, that "all those, who do not consider Crimea a part of Russia can get out of the peninsular."

The next day, the FSB officer came to school and illegally interrogated the children without their parents’ presence with regard to their "relations with the Ukrainian nationalists." Reportedly, after that the FSB officers reviewed social media accounts of the students in terms of their political views.

The further fate of the girls is unknown as of now.

Just a reminder: The Government of Ukraine defines February 20, 2014 as the starting date of the Russian-occupation of Crimea.

Photo: Internet