The Russian-occupied Crimea is no longer a popular destination for RF citizens for the New Year. The most popular in the rating are St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sochi, according to the statement of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation.

Dmitry Gorin, Head of the RF Federal Agency for Tourism Rosturizm, also said that the Russian cities of Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Veliky Ustyug are very popular.

It is also noted that foreign resorts like Thailand, Vietnam, India, the UAE and Israel are beating Crimea in the rating as well.

“Last year tours were bought two or three weeks before the trip, but this year - at least one and a half months in advance. This is a good trend. European travelers usually plan and book trips for the year. It allows saving the budget significantly. Do not be afraid. The travel companies are insured by the Social Responsibility Fund, the financial insurance and the Emergency Assistance Fund," Gorin said.

The official further noted that the cost of tours has remained almost unchanged. Seven-day vacation in Russia, taking into account the trip will cost at least 25 thousand rubles per person (436 USD), and abroad - 35-40 thousand rubles (about 600-700 USD). According to him, in recent years the demand for tourism has returned to the pre-crisis level.

Earlier the "parliament" of the occupied Crimea recognized that companies coming from Russia work dishonestly.