An environmental catastrophe started in the north annexed Crimea according to Vladimir Garnachuk, the former assistant of the so-called "Deputy Prime Minister" of Crimea, and currently a member of one of the district councils of Moscow.
“Many people laughed and did not believe that there is no water in the north of the Crimea and never will be due to the predatory pumping of aquifers and driving hundreds of wells to a depth of over 400 meters. Today, residents of Armyansk have all felt the effects of the lack of water in Crimea,” Garnachuk wrote in social networks.
To confirm his words, he showed what the "purity" of the water running from the taps in the Armyansk houses.
“People should be urgently resettled from there,” a resident of the Russian capital says.
Earlier QHA reported that the Crimean "authorities" can not provide water to the drying up land of the eastern Crimea.
Photo: Internet