The Support Project for families of Heavenly Hundred's heroes has been launched at a press-conference held in Kyiv. A Co-founder of the public initiative "Crimea SOS" Tamila Tasheva told that the organization initiates the awarding of the Hero of Ukraine title to a Crimean Tatar activist Reshat Ametov, reported a QHA correspondent.

- We believe that Reshat Ametov has the right to be awarded the Hero of Ukraine title. Therefore, one of the important components of our campaign is awarding this title to Reshat Ametov, the first man killed during the so-called "Crimean Spring" in the territory of the Crimean Peninsula. Last year his family received assistance, this year it will also receive money since Ametov has a wife and three young children. In general, it will be very symbolic to award the Hero of Ukraine Order to the person who gave his life for the own people and the homeland, said Tasheva.

She went on saying that within days the Presidential Administration of Ukraine will be submitted a proposal to award the Hero of Ukraine Order to Reshat Ametov.

- In principle, any date can be chosen, such as the anniversary of the start or the end of the Revolution of Dignity, or any other date, important for the Crimean Tatars or the Ametov’s family, said Tasheva.

On March, 3 2014 at 7.30 a.m. Reshat Ametov left his house as he was going to a military enlistment office. The last time he was seen on Lenin Square participating in a peaceful rally.

According to the eyewitnesses, during a one-man protest several members of the so called “Crimean self-defense” ( two of them in military uniform and one in civil) approached Ametov and quickly took him away. Since then he had not been in touch.

Following that a video was put on the Internet showing how the “self-defense” was taking him away from the Square and forcing to go into a car.

March, 15 2014 Reshat Ametov was found dead near the village called Sunychne of Bilohirskyi district. His head was covered in scotch tape, next to him there was a pair of handcuffs.

Reshat Ametov left three children behind him. At the time of the father's death the youngest of them turned only three months.

Photo: Internet