A propaganda video filmed in the city of Sudak on the eve of Victory Day shows children dressed in military uniform with pinned St. George ribbons and holding automatic rifles. It was posted on Youtube a few days ago.

The video was initiated by Sudakskie Vesti local newspaper and caused a storm of indignant comments.

"They have nothing to be proud of because of lack of reason for pride. They are unable to create, but only destroy and destruct unleashing the wars. They are proud of "peace enforcement" carefully masking the distortion of reality: their desire to kill. They justify their murders naming the victims of their aggression the Nazis, and themselves defenders of peace," Ivan Stovbur wrote. 

It was reported earlier that Kremlin-appointed Crimea's "prosecutor" Natalia Poklonskaya starred in the video for the song "From the heroes of former times" ("Officers" film) and read poetry with her daughter Anastasia by May 9. According to the "prosecutor," the video is dedicated to the anniversary of the Second World War.

Photo: Internet