Journalist and editor from Centre for Investigative Reporting, Sergey Mokrushyn and his cameraman Vladlen Melnikov were attacked by Crimean self-defense forces in Simferopol.

According to victims, they were arrested, taken to the “staff” of self-defense and beaten.

After the police arrived at the scene, the self-defense called the ambulance.

Mokrushyn was taken to the hospital, while Melnikov taken to the police station.

The self-defense militants, who refused to introduce themselves, said the journalists were arrested for “ruffian activities”.

After the questioning in the police office, both detainees were released.

The whereabouts of two more activists, Timur Shaimardanov and Leonid Korzh, reported missing by the Ukrainian organization Ukrainian House on May 28, are unknown. 

In the last six weeks, Andrey Krisko, who heads the Crimean Human Rights Field Mission, has registered nine serious incidents of harassment of journalists, involving personal harm, damage to equipment and illegal detention for more than three hours, KyivPost reported.

According to Krisko, all these cases involve the self-defense forces of Crimea.