A Crimean children's drawing contest "Flag - a symbol of life, honor and dignity of the nation" has been held today in Kiev at the Independence Square in honor of the Flag Day, according to QHA correspondent.

The competition was attended by dozens of children of all ages - from 5 to 13 years. Many children have come especially from Crimea.

The young artists choose mainly blue and yellow tones for their drawings. They were happy to have drawn the national flag, the main symbol of the people - Tarak-tamga, as well as their native land Crimea.

It is worth noting that children who came to the event from occupied territory drew the Ukrainian symbols and signed them on the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar. Children confessed their love to Crimea and Ukraine, as well as wished victory to our defenders since they know their drawings would be sent to the war zone in Donbas.

The Day of the Crimean Tatar national flag is celebrated on June, 26. The events have been held in the cities of Kiev, Kharkov and in Genichesk Area, Kherson region. Some activities have been planned to be held in Crimea.